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Personal Social Responsibility

Powerful Questions that will change you and your business forever

My vision is that as individuals, we always do the best for us and the people in our lives, and at the same time our businesses endeavour to do the best for the world at large.” – Arvind Devalia, author of Personal Social Responsibility

“In a world characterised by climate change, social injustice and corporate greed, we need to ask ourselves powerful questions to convert Corporate Social Responsibility into something we do rather than just talk about. Filling in every right hand page in this workbook would be a big step towards this.” – Sir John Whitmore, world’s leading CSR, Leadership and Organisational Change Experts

“Arvind’s book is a powerful manual for those concerned not just about doing things right, but doing the right thing. It clearly articulates that it’s not just good enough to be the best in the world; you also have to be the best for the world.” – Lord Karan Bilimoria, Founder and Chairman, Cobra Beer

“More than ever before, we need world-changing answers and we need them fast to solve the challenge of climate change. This book and its powerful questions will help you and your company find the right answers before it is too late”. – Lewis Gordon Pugh, Swimmer and Environmentalist

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